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    Copyright 2013 Christopher D. Whittum, M.Ed.

    pySioGame -Educational Suite for Kids

    This blog has danced away from open source educational technology of late, so I’d like to come back to my original inspiration for this blog -the aforementioned open source educational technology.  I want to look at an educational suite designed with younger users in mind.  pySioGame is just such a suite.

    pysiograme,energize education
    pySioGame startup screen

    This application offers a delightful, engaging, intuitive and colorful interface.  To the left of the main screen are two columns.  These serve as your application menus.  The left column lists categories of activities.   The right column lists the activities for a given category.  The scrolling wheel on the mouse can be used to navigate through both these menus.

    Below the main screen is a gray field in which the title of a selected category or activity is displayed.  This makes it easy to find a desired category or activity.  The initial start-up conditions make it very easy to modify settings via the Settings button.  You can add users, adjust the integrated narration (called eSpeak) and select a language, among other customizations.  Completion of, and navigation through, the activities is handled through either the mouse or the cursor keys.

    pysiogame,educational software,energize education
    Basic Operations 2 -Division

    So, what kinds of activities are available in pySioGame?  Here’s a brief list:

    • Language Arts: letter and recognition and writing, reading, vocabulary
    • Mathematics: number recognition and writing, counting (one-to-one correspondence), addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, time
    • Art: color recognition, color exploration, paint application
    • Memory activities
    • Keyboarding/typing tutorial
    • Games, leisure activities for one or more players
    pysiogame,open source educational software,energize education thorugh open source
    Word Maze

    This list hardly does justice to the activities contained in pySioGame.  Activity use is just as engaging as the interface would lead users to believe.  Most activities require the user to use the mouse to click on an item and drag it to the appropriate box or place.  Alphabet writing activities are done using the mouse.  Certain activities require input via the keyboard.

    pysiogame,energize education
    Learn keyboarding skills with Rainbow Keyboard

    Once an answer has been submitted, click on the green checkmark to the left below the main screen.  Opposite this in the lower right corner are navigation controls and a button to end the session.  As mentioned above, speech synthesis is integrated and it identifies items below the mouse pointer as well as given answers.  Correct answers are rewarded with a splash screen and verbal reinforcement, both of a positive nature.

    pySioGame is available in many languages including Spanish, German, Greek, Russian and English.  Would be contributors are encouraged to contact the pySioGame people.  This is an ideal educational suite for young learners and a fun way to reinforce what the older kids already know.  pySiogame is available for Linux and Microsoft Windows.


    The pySioGame Web site

    pySioGame SourceForge page (for Downloads)


    Imiolek, I. (2017). pySioGame [computer software]. GNU General Public License.