Secure and Stable Private Cloud Service …and It’s Open Source

I have recently come across a cloud hosting company that sets itself apart from others. utilizes an open source technology called ownCloud and offers stable and secure private cloud storage to the consumer. In fact, the stability and security, and speed of ownCloud server hosting service are points of pride with the people at How they do this and what they can do for you is what I’d like to address here.,ownocean,owncloud,energize education,energize education through open source,open source cloud service’s Main Page

First of all, setup is fast and easy. Simply click on the green Sign Up button in the upper right corner. A window will open asking you to provide an email address and your desired password. It’s that easy. The OwnOcean team will send you an email message confirming your username and providing you with a link to your ownCloud server login page. They also provide you with a link to a blog that will provide you with step-by-step tips and an integration guide. Their tech support team is always available if you need them. Few things in life, and especially in technology, are this easy.

Now that your ownCloud server has been set up by, let’s talk about security. When you set up an account with OwnOcean, you’ll be provided with 15 gigabytes of storage space on your own personal server. Most cloud hosting sites will have multiple users on the same server. The real danger with this practice is that if one account is then compromised it’s possible that the other accounts could be compromised as well, whether the threat is a software bug, a hacker or malicious software. With OwnOcean, you own your own server.,ownocean,owncloud,energize education,energize education through open source,open source cloud service

You’ll be guided through the sign up process, which begins here.

You have complete control over it and over your data. If you’re a professional and want to protect clients’ confidential information, the people at OwnOcean make it extremely easy, via one of their many integrated plugins, to encrypt your data. This means that in the event that an unauthorized individual does access your data, it will be indecipherable to them. Furthermore, OwnOcean employs layers of protection to secure your data and privacy. How’s that for security?,ownocean,owncloud,energize education,energize educaton through open source,open source cloud service

Don’t worry. It’s secure and could well be one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

OwnOcean boasts “rock solid stability”. Crashes on such stable systems are almost unheard of. This stability comes from the fact that ownCloud operating systems are able to identify potential threats to stability and neutralize them before they become problematic. What all of this means is that your cloud will always be available to you. With such stability and high levels of security, having a cloud with OwnOcean is very similar to having a virtual Web-based vault for your data.

One of my favorite features of ownCloud is the capacity to create users and groups. As the administrator of your ownCloud server, you can create accounts for others to use to access specific pieces of data. You simply create a user account and then assign groups to which the user will belong (by default admin is the only initial group) and to which group, if any, that they will have administrative privileges.,ownocean,owncloud,energize education,energize education through open source,open source cloud clients

The OwnOcean Team sets up your account

You can also assign storage space to this user. Groups can be just as readily created. The real value here is that it makes project collaboration easy. First of all, you would create a group for the project. Then you would either add desired users to the group or create new users and add them to the group. Then upload the file you wish to share, or create it in ownCloud. Anything created in ownCloud can be shared. As this file is on a cloud drive, members of the group can make changes to it from anywhere at their own convenience, so long as they can access the Internet. OwnOcean will keep track of the changes made and who made them. In short, this means that you could literally have a project to which collaborators around the world could contribute.,ownocean,ownloud,energize education,energize education through open source,open source cloud clients

Just log in to use your new ownCloud account.

ownCloud offers many plugins (called Apps), some of which are already installed, to enhance its functionality out of the box. There are many pages of Apps available on ownCloud’s Web site, so you’re more than likely to find something to meet your needs. In short, your ownCloud server can become anything that you need it to be. To help you find the right plugin, ownCloud’s plugin page has an integrated search tool. In addition to this, users can rate Apps, so that you have others’ experiences and impressions to help you make a choice.,ownocean,owncloud,energize education,energize education through open source,open source cloud services

Your new ownCloud account is ready!

The icing on the cake with ownCloud is its Web Interface, which is very approachable and intuitive. Everything can be managed through either the Navigation Bar on the left-hand side or through Search/Settings at the top of the Web Interface window. ownCloud also provides a desktop syncing application that can be downloaded for Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, which makes syncing files on your computer with files on your cloud simple. All of these terrific features have made an ownCloud believer out of me. I know my data is secure. Is yours?

Thanks to Zach Hines for the suggested content, edits and for contributing the video and beautiful screenshots.

OwnCoean Web site:

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