Energize Education Tip of the Day!

Marble is an open source virtual globe for your computer. I’ve written about Marble before, but it’s been awhile so I thought I’d revisit this application and share some of the features that have been introduced. Marble offers a variety of ways in which to view the Earth, including, but not limited to a geoographical map, precipitation, a street map and satelite view. There are many other maps that are availiable as add-ons, including globes of the planets and moons, historical globes from a variety of eras, a hike and bike map, public transportation maps and several maps created by MapQuest. In addition to all of this, Marble can be readily customized via its menus. Marble is part of the KDE Education Project and runs on Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS.

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Marble showing the Earth at night (note: I’ve zoomed in on a particular region. Where?).