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    Edubuntu Linux

    Edubuntu Linux is a variation of Ubuntu Linux.  Ubuntu Linux, in turn, is based on Debian Linux.  Debian Linux is well known for its software packaging system.  The term package refers to applications or programs, how they are stored and how they are installed.  Different Linux distributions employ different packaging systems and each packaging system is unique.  The Debian Linux software packaging system provides access to thousands of applications that can be easily installed from either a terminal (also known as a command line or shell) or a graphic environment.  Furthermore, the Debian Linux software packaging system also takes dependencies into consideration and automatically installs programs that other programs require to run properly.
    This packaging system is one of the reasons that the people at Ubuntu chose to use Debian Linux as a basis for Ubuntu, Edubuntu and the other Ubuntu variations (Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Lubuntu, respectively (the latter two run better on older computers)).  Edubuntu has a greater focus on education than its kindred distributions and therefore incorporates a variety of applications to enhance learning and to aid teachers.  A majority of the programs are targeted towards teachers and learners at the primary level.  Edubuntu contains many applications that students can use to enhance learning or even learn on their own.  Educators can use these same programs to assess student learning.  Other programs are designed to build students’ skills in a variety of areas.  Some applications enhance productivity.  There are a few that are included purely for amusement.

    Edubuntu Linux
    The Edubuntu Linux desktop.