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    Copyright 2013 Christopher D. Whittum, M.Ed.

    Book Updates

    Update (12 August 2018)

    Since January 2016, I have been working on the second edition of this book.  The second edition will feature a chapter containing recommendations for convincing decision-makers to choose open source.

    BlueGriffon Editor

    Though it does not say so in the text, BlueGriffon Editor is available for Linux, MacOS and Microsoft Windows.

    Synaptic Software Manager

    Synaptic is not installed by default on recent versions of Ubuntu-based distributions. To install it, you must use either the Ubuntu Software Center or the method described here.

    Playing MIDI(*.mid/*.midi) FIles in Web Browser

    To play *.mid/*.midi music embedded into Web pages while using Mozilla Firefox on an Ubuntu Linux-based system, follow the one step directions listed here.