Project Update: I received a paperback edition of my book!

After four years of searching and writing, I have finally had the opportunity to hold my magnum opus in my hands in the form of of published manuscript.  I am so ecstatic that words almost elude me. It is my sincerest hope that this book will prove to be of value to readers and that it will spread awareness that open source alternatives to proprietary educational technologies exist.



Project Update

I am happy to announce that this manuscript will be reviewed by Dr. Paul McKimmy, Professor of Educational Technology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Dr. McKimmy will conduct the review after this semester ends. Needless to say, this is a very exciting and I am anxious to read his review. Don’t forget that you can buy a copy of Energize Education through Open Source: Using Open Source Software to Enhance Learning here.


Energize Education Tip of the Day!

KBruch runs in Linux and is a mathematical operations quiz program.  Users can be quizzed on operations involving fractions, factorization and fraction conversion.   KBurch also offers the capacity to measures usrs’ performance as well the number of problems skipped.  KBruch is part of the KDE Education Project.



Energize Education Tip of the Day!

If you’re running Linux or another UNIX-based open source operating system and your computer seems to be slow, then maybe you should try running a window manager instead of a desktop environment like GNOME or KDE. Window Maker is easily customized and provides an application dock for frequently run programs, but is easy on system resources.

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A typical Window Maker session

Energize Education Tip of the Day!

Marble is an open source virtual globe for your computer desktop. It is available for Linux, Mac and Windows. Marble is an excellent aid for the instruction of geography, science and history. Among the various ways to view the world available in Marble are night view, street view, satellite view and a historical view from 1689 to name a few. Marble offers some great opportunities to integrate open source educational software into your curriculum.