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    Energize Education Tip of the Day!

    If you’re an educator looking for a mind-mapping tool, check out Freemind. Freemind is an open source, free mind-mapping application that allows users to quickly build mind-maps and provides the capacity to enhance them with graphics and hyperlinks to external Web sites.


    Energize Education Tip of the Day!

    If you’re looking for a versatile and powerful open source chat client for Windows and Linux, then take a look at Pidgin. Pidgin supports multiple simultaneous chat room logins and a wide range of Instant Messaging protocols, including AIM, ICQ and MSN Instant Messenger.


    Energize Education Tip of the Day!

    Qimo4Kids (pronounced “kih-mo for kids”) is a free, open source Linux operating system for learners on the primary and intermediate levels.  It presents a kid-friendly interface and incorporates open source educational applications to help students develop math, language and problem-solving skills among others.


    Energize Education Tip of the Day!

    Kalzium is an open source interactive periodic table of the elements.  Download it today and your chemistry student will thank you tomorrow.



    Tip of the Day!

    BlueGriffon  provides an approachable way to create Web pages, allowing users to easily switch between graphical and text modes.


    Tip of the Day!

    You Web developers should check out Bluefish Editor, an open source, feature-rich editor.

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    Bluefish Editor

    Tip of the Day!

    KHangman is a great vocabulary builder and just one of many educational applications that are available as part of the KDE Education Project.



    Tip of the Day!

    Chromium Web Browser offers stable secure browsing and served as the template for Google Chrome.


    Project Status

    I just received the cover and body proofs from Lulu Publishing and they look great.  I see the need for a few tweaks, but otherwise all is well.

    Tip of the Day!

    LibreOffice Impress can produce slick, flashy presentations that will rival  those made using MS PowerPoint.