Project Status

I have just submitted the final edition of Energize Education Through Open Source to and added this screenshot:


Tux Typing: Fish Cascade


This site will soon become a companion site to the book.  I am, to say the least, very enthusiastic about this project.

Project Status

I have finished my final edits (mostly suggested by my publisher, but some I chose to make myself).  I’ve re-positioned all of the image placeholders.  Now all I have to do is finish my conclusion and fix the anomalies in the index.  I’m very excited and hope to have this to the publisher this week for printing.  This book is going to help a lot of educators and students.

Project Status’s editors have given the book a hard look.  I’m now making the suggested changes with which I agree to the book.  One interesting conflict, however.  They subscribe to the Chicago Manual of Style, but I chose to adhere to APA format.  I’m staying with APA, as I foresee the potential for this work to be utilized as a textbook and it’s also my preferred style.  Hopefully the manuscript will be ready for press before the end of the month.