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    Update on manuscript status

    I have submitted the manuscript to my publisher, Lulu.com.  Further updates as events unfold.

    Energize Education Tip of the Day!

    Dr. Geo II provides an interactive platform for the exploration of geometry.  Users can create and manipulate geometric shapes. These constructs can include points, lines and geometric transformations. Users can also modify these in terms of appearance (color, width, style, etc.). Furthermore, Dr. Geo II incorporates computer programming to allow users to alter how it functions.  This powerful open source learning tool is available for Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS.


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    Figure 2.6: The author explores line segment formatting options in Dr. Geo II.


    Dr. Geo

    Dr. Geo. Dr. Geo is a program that allows users to create interactive geometric figures. The figures can be altered with respect to their geometric constraints. Dr. Geo comes with a complete set of tools which relate to such concepts as points, lines and geometric transformations, among others. This tool can be readily applied in the classroom with students at primary, intermediate, secondary or post-secondary levels. Dr. Geo is presented in Figure 2.6. (LMW)


    Figure 2.6: An interactive geometry session with Dr. Geo.